The market's leading products for the professional bricklayer, landscape gardener, paver, and roofer

Forced action mixers, conveyors, and tools for construction and industry

The market's most robust forced action mixers

Powerful and efficient forced action mixers for the professional user. Big, low noise motors and high-quality gears ensure that your forced action mixer just keeps on running.

One conveyor - endless possibilities

The undisputed most robust series of conveyors on the market. The CU/CCU series meets even the highest standards when it comes to durability, strength, and ease of maintenance.

The SmartMover equals efficient and ergonomic transport

The battery-powered SmartMover makes transporting stones, mortar, scaffolds, gravel, and the like on construction sites easy and supple. No mere heavy lifting or nasty pulls and twists.

Tools for landscape gardeners and pavers

The tools for landscape gardeners and pavers help to ensure quicker and more flexible construction work. As a bonus, they are designed with ergonomics in mind.


Forced action mixers for the demanding craftsman

A forced action mixer from Baron can be used for the majority of the demanding mixing jobs for the professional craftsman.

All mixers are designed and the components are carefully selected to give you the best efficiency, safety, and durability.

All of Baron's forced action mixers are produced within the EU.


SmartMover - makes hard work easy

The SmartMover is a battery-powered brick trolley that makes the heavy work of transporting bricks a lot easier.

The SmartMover is easy to navigate, can cope with slopes of up to 20 %, and can load up to 280 kilos.

You will find a range of add-ons for the SmartMover which considerably increases the extent of jobs for the SmartMover.

Take a look at the SmartMover here

Innovation. Stability. Optimisation.

Tools for landscape gardeners and pavers

If you would like to work quicker, more precise and not least more gentle, then you must use tools from Baron. We have specialised in high-quality tools for both landscape gardeners and pavers.

The tools are designed in close co-operation with our users to make sure that they meet the demands of the industry.


Conveyors - forward, backward, variable speed, and series connection

The conveyors from Baron contains a number of properties that increase the possible applications.

The conveyors can be connected in series with up to eight conveyors, and it is easy to adjust both the speed and direction of the belt from the control box.

Take a look at the conveyors here