About Baron A/S

Our vision

At Baron A/S we work after this vision:

Baron must be the first choice for professional bricklayers, landscape gardeners, pavers, and roofers when choosing on-site mobile mixing and handling equipment.

The vision is the foundation of all of our work, and it can be seen in everything from our product development, communication on social media to personal service.


Our goals and work

Baron A/S is a company with head office in Denmark, but you can buy our products in more than 35 countries.

Our products are developed for and in cooperation with bricklayers, landscape gardeners, pavers, and roofers. Industries, where equipment of high quality has a high impact on the daily work. This is why we pride ourselves on developing and selling products that can stand the life on the construction site - and that makes the work and processes easier and more efficient for the craftsmen.

But we do not only develop and sell products. We both follow the trends in the construction industry and try to influence them in a positive direction ourselves.

We do so by keeping abreast with the development and working purposefully with the values:


Sustainable Development Goals

It can be hard imagining a forced action mixer or a conveyor being eco-friendly. But we would like to give it a try.

Therefore, we have begun implementing the Sustainable Development Goals regarding our products. This applies both to the production, the use, and the disposal of the products. We have to make deliberate choices when it comes to e.g. choice of material, or how the parts on the products are disposed of in the easiest and correct way.

It is a life circle that not only involves us, which is the reason why we continuously involve our business partners.


We always emphasise ergonomics when we develop our products. Craftsmen have physically hard work, and the statistics say that they do not last as long in the job market as in other industries.

But it is possible to take away some of the physical strain by thinking ergonomically. And if we and our products can help craftsmen stay in the industry for more years, then that is for the benefit of everybody.

Operating economy

We must not have a throw-away culture - even not when it comes to our products. This is the reason why our products - provided that they are used correctly - have a long service life where only wearing parts needs to be changed regularly. Even though they are exposed to a little of everything during a normal working day.

Quality demands

There are demands for the quality of a Baron product. Both from us, our clients, and the end-users. Therefore, we work hard on finding the right business partners and thereby also the right components when we are developing and producing a product.

At the same time, we also listen to our end-users to know how the products cope with the demands on the construction site. In this way, we can ensure that the products not only have quality components but also provides quality to the physical work.

"No compromise"

Our payoff is "No compromise", and we take those words very seriously.

We do not compromise on the quality, safety, function, or ergonomics when it comes to our products. Even internally in the company, we work hard to provide our clients with the best service possible.

Freedom with responsibility

Our clients must be happy - and so must our employees. There must be a balance between working and personal life, so we very much practice freedom with responsibility in daily life.

We make a point of reciprocally being able to count on each other, even though we all work in our own fields. Because it is only together that we can deliver the very best to our clients.

Important years

* 2004 The foundation of Baron in Køge

* 2006 Sold to Anker Kjærsgaard og Rune Harbo

* 2016 Sold to Vækst-Invest and Carsten Filsø

* 2017 Acquisition of our distributor in England

* 2018 Launch of our new generation of [conveyors](/en/products/conveyors)

* 2019 Acquisition of the [SmartMover](/en/products/smartmover)

* 2020 New domicile in Fredericia