SmartMover for Bricklayers

The many different accessories give you an easier, more effective working day and spare your body from the potentially damaging pulls and twists:

SmartMover by Baron

Mortar Box

SmartMover mortar box

This mortar box fits perfectly on your SmartMover. The tilting feature makes it possible to attach and remove the mortar box in seconds.


SmartMover SmartPallet

The SmartPallet raises the bricks to the recommended working height and fits all types of stone trailers. Awkward working positions will become a thing of the past with SmartPallet. SmartPallets can be stacked for storage or during transport to save space. This feature also makes it easy to move more than one at a time.


SmartMover ramp

This ramp makes it easy for you to raise the SmartMover and its load to the level you are working at and it is the perfect accessory to your SmartMover.

Scaffolding Tool

SmartMover scaffolding tool

The scaffolding tool is another great accessory to your SmartMover putting an end to heavy lifts and pulls. It only takes a few seconds to install the tool, making your working day even more effective.

Removable Tray

SmartMover removable tray

The removable tray gives you the opportunity to easily transport 180 litres for your construction work. This accessory can be installed on your SmartMover in a few seconds. You can install the support wheel on the back of the SmartMover to avoid heavy lifting.

Mortar tub

Using the mortar tub, you simply place the tub below the mixer, fill up the tub, transport it to the place of work and disconnect.