SmartMover by Baron

The SmartMover by Baron is a battery-powered brick trolley and your new best friend, taking the strain out of heavy lifting and nasty twists and pulls. It is easy to navigate around construction sites even in narrow spaces.

Guard bars on the handles protect your hands. The SmartMover copes well with slopes of up to 20 per cent (equivalent to 20 cm per running metre) and loads of up to 280 kg.

SmartMover by Baron is manufactured in the EU.

SmartMover by Baron

Rotation Button

You can release or adjust the forks using the rotation button at the top of your SmartMover.

Speed Control

On the handle, you will find the speed control, which works with a toggle switch.


You can adjust the length of the forks to ensure the optimum centre of gravity at all times.

Lithium-ion Batteri

On the back of your SmartMover, you will find the Lithium-ion battery; LED lights indicate the battery voltage. The battery is easy to install on your SmartMover after it has been charged, as it glides into place on the back and is then locked with a key; this is also the ignition key. The LEDs indicate the battery voltage by the click of a button.