The SmartMover by Baron is an electric brick trolley and your new best friend, taking the strain out of heavy lifting and nasty twists and pulls. It is easy to navigate around construction sites even in narrow spaces. Guard bars on the handles protect your hands. The SmartMover copes well with slopes of up to 20 per cent (equivalent to 20 cm per running metre) and loads of up to 280 kg. SmartMover by Baron is manufactured in the EU.

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SmartMover Removable Tray 180 l / 240 kg
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Mortar Box
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SmartMover support wheel
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SmartMover Ramp
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SmartMover Roofing module
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Twin support wheel
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Scaffolding Tool
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SmartMover stone lifter module
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Name Value
Length 150 centimeter
Motor 400,00 watt
Degree of inclination 20 degree
Width 64 centimeter
Height 77 centimeter
Weight 63 kilogram
Current 25V / 20mAh
Load Capacity 280 kilogram
Battery Capacity 20 milliamperehour