Forced Action Mixers

Our forced action mixers are suitable for most of demanding mixing tasks, and here you will find the perfect forced action mixer for professional craftsmen. With a forced action mixer from Baron, you get a product that is developed and produced with selected components to provide you with the best efficiency, safety and durability.

F80 forced action mixer
F120 forced action mixer
F200 forced action mixer
F300 forced action mixer
E120 forced action mixer

Which forced action mixer should I choose - F-line or E120?

The F-line is our series of forced action mixers, in which we have gathered all our knowledge and all our experience over the years of production, in order to produce high-quality forced action mixers.    Choose the F-line if you value a forced action mixer:

  • with a motor cover protecting against soil,
  • with an outlet designed for easy cleaning of the outlet protection,
  • which easily and effectively can be moved around – has practical handles for loading the mixer onto a truck bed,
  • which has a stable construction
  • which has a phase indicator on all three-phased motors,
  • for which you can buy a dust lid,  of exclusive and simple design.

Our E120 forced action mixer is often used for campaigns. It is a robust and efficient forced action mixer with a long service life. It is easy to operate, can do the basics and is of course reliable and sable equally with forced actions mixers from the F-series.

Efficiency and quality

A forced action mixer from Baron handles the mixing job efficiently, whether it is as a concrete mixer, a cement mixer or other, as it can mix most materials used in the construction sector.

The vessel capacity ranges on the various mixers from 80 liters and up to 300 liters, so you can choose exactly the one that meets your needs.


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