Forward, backward, variable speed, and series connection – these are the distinctive features and control options of a conveyor from Baron. Whether you need conveyor belts for moving soil, concrete, decomposition or other, we guarantee that our mobile high-quality conveyors can handle the task efficiently.

Basic conveyors
CU conveyors
CCU conveyors

One conveyor - endless possibilities

Conveyors from Baron set a new standard for applications. You will get a portable conveyor in a high quality construction, which can move materials in both directions and is adjustable in height and speed.

A new generation of intelligent conveyor belts is here. A frequency converter makes it possible to use a powerful 3-phase motor with a 1-phase power supply, so the speed can vary from 20 to 80 cm/sec., adapted to the task, and run the belt both forward and backwards. 

Safety and efficiency 

The many possibilities and efficiency of the conveyors is obvious by the fact that they can be connected in series with up to 8 conveyor belts at a time. This makes it possible to use the conveyor belts to both move materials and add new ones without having to manually turn the belt. This means that the work can be done by one man alone and makes the mobile and portable conveyors extremely practical.

The closed side profile ensures an extremely high load capacity, while offering a maximum degree of safety. 

Various lengths of conveyors

Baron has conveyors in various lengths, so there is a conveyor belt to cover your needs.    The lengths are available in:

  • 2.5 m.
  • 3.3 m.
  • 4.5 m.
  • 6 m.   

The belt width is 34 cm.


The possibilities of a conveyor

See the many applications of a conveyor from Baron.

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