What to choose: a forced action mixer or a concrete mixer?

Concrete mixer or forced action mixer? For many it is all about preferences but when you are a professional craftsman there are some evident advantages when choosing the forced action mixer.

Whether you call it a concrete mixer or a drum mixer, there are a lot of brands to choose from and they are all available to a relatively small price. But you must remember that you get what you pay for. At Baron when we produce our forced action mixers quality is important and we have designed them to meet the demands from the construction sites.

The advantages of a forced action mixer

The forced action mixer is approved for everything. Yet, some of the biggest advantages of the Baron forced action mixers are the speed and mixing capabilities. Because of the powerful and strong gear motor you can cut the mixing time in half when using the forced action mixer compared to the concrete mixer. This means that you must not spend unnecessary time standing around waiting; instead, you can quickly get back to work.

By using the forced action mixer, you get the same good result every time and in no longer than five minutes (depending on the type of mixing material). Therefore, it is easy for you to plan your work process during the day. A great example on why you must choose the forced action mixers over the concrete mixer is when mixing earth-moist concrete. Typically, earth-moist concrete gets very wet, but the forced action mixer mixes the blend so well that it absorbs the water. At the same time the forced action mixer keeps the blend from getting lumps.

The robustness and power of the forced action mixer also provides the opportunity of mixing other blends such as epoxy, glue with rubber granulate or stones for driveways and pavements.

The great features of a forced action mixer from Baron

  • Low weight which makes it easy to transport and handle – the forced action mixers from Baron are designed to be efficient and robust but still mobile.
  • You can buy rubber shovels for the mixer arm to get as close to the drum as possible and thereby extend the service life of the components. This means fewer repairs to take time from the job. When mixing blends containing stones, we always recommend using the rubber shovels.
  • Several safety elements such as zero-voltage trigger combined with an emergency stop which means that if you lift the lid while the mixer is running it will be shot down. There is no reason for you to be concerned about safety – the forced action mixer is one of the safest mixers on the market.
  • Minimal maintenance and a great gear motor. The forced action mixer is stable and reliable. The hefty motor along with high quality gears make sure that the forced action mixer simply runs at a quick pace which gives you time to focus on other activities in the meantime.
  • Low maintenance costs. A forced action mixer is more expensive than a concrete mixer – but in return the service life of a forced action mixers is five years or more. It requires almost no maintenance and as long as you make sure to clean it regularly, it is reliable.

By now you have hopefully seen that the forced action mixer is a great alternative for the concrete mixer. This is also the reason why we at Baron’s has made it our primarily goal to design and produce robust forced action mixers with a high quality to serve our customers for many years.

Forced action mixers from Baron