Take the ergonomics with you to work

As a rule, forced action mixers, conveyors, and brick trolleys do not rhyme with ergonomics – nor on a construction site, where time is money and the client is just waiting for you to finish the job.

But if you wish to last in the business to retirement, you need to consider how you work. You may not feel the many heavy lifting and twists on your body right now, but during your entire working life, it will wear your body down.

A side benefit of considering ergonomics during your working day is that it often makes the actual work more efficient.

Of course, there is a lot you can do on your own – e.g. by giving your workings posture and carriage a thought – but Baron has also made it easy for you to make good choices. All you have to do is to utilize the options.

Forced action mixers – lifting brackets and transport wheel

Our forced action mixers are designed as ergonomic as possible. Of course, without compromising the functionality. The large rubber wheels make it easy to move the forced action mixer around. And for instance, the mixers are equipped with transport wheels, so you can get them on a truck bed easily without having to push the entire weight forward yourself.

When it comes to our F300 forced action mixer, we know that you do not maneuver the mixer around just like that. This is the reason why the mixer is equipped with lifting brackets and forklift fittings, so you can use a forklift truck when having to move it.

So even though a forced action mixer might not be the equipment, you move around the most, we have still given a certain comfort a thought; even at the heaviest version.

Conveyors – series connection and undercarriage

 A conveyor might not be easy to move around – for instance when you need to change the direction of the belt. But at Barons, we have incorporated ergonomics into our conveyors and how you use them.

Our CU and CCU conveyors can be connected in series with up to eight conveyors – all of them are controlled from one conveyor only. This means that you do not have to walk back and forth between the conveyors to control the speed and direction.

And speaking of direction: On a conveyor from Baron, you can change the direction on the belt, simply by turning the knob. In this way, you do not have to manually turn the conveyor when you need to transport material to an area instead of away from it. This spares you from inconvenient lifting and saves you time.

But you do not get around the fact that you have to move the conveyor once in a while. And there are other ways of doing it than two men standing in each end and lifting; you simply use an undercarriage. When using an undercarriage from Baron you can move even our longest conveyor of six meters yourself. The undercarriage is fastened at the middle of the conveyor with two clicks. This gives you the optimal balance point. The undercarriage can also be used if the conveyor needs to be at an angle.

So it is possible to make the conveyor ergonomic if you make good use of the options, Baron provides you with. And you remove a lot of non-productive time because you do not have to control or turn every single conveyor just to change the direction.

SmartMover – the ergonomic brick trolley

Of course, it is still an option to use the good old-fashioned brick trolley. But you can move up some levels and use the electric brick trolley SmartMover from Baron instead.

When using the SmartMover you take the strain out of heavy lifting and nasty twists and pulls when moving bricks around the construction site. And with the many types of accessories to the SmartMover – like the rack for mortar tub, scaffolding tool, and removable tray – it is unlikely that you run out of use for the SmartMover.

The SmartMover is easy to navigate even in construction sites with little space. It copes well with slopes of up to 20 percent and loads up to 280 kg.

You easily control the speed using the switch by the handle. Once you have loaded the SmartMover and titled it backward, you have the optimal balance point and the correct working posture.

It is easy to move around the construction site when using the SmartMover. You not only get an ergonomic solution but also a more efficient one, so you have time for more jobs during the working day.

Ergonomics is not just a word here at Barons – it is a value that we comply with and always give a thought when designing our products. Because we want to take good care of the people using our forced action mixers, conveyor, and SmartMover.