F80 forced action mixer 2.0kW 1x110V

Quality, efficiency and durability combined with a range of unique product details make the F-series the ultimative choice for the demanding, professional user.

Spare parts for F80 forced action mixer 2.0kW 1x110V

Article Name
30300 Rubber protection f/on-off
50200 Motor + gear, 2.0kW 240V, Fabrika
50201 Motor + gear, 2.0kW 110V, Fabrika
50220 Motor, 2.0kW, 240V
50221 Motor, 2.0kW 110V
50222 Motor, 2.0kW 3x380V, Fabrika
50230 Gear for E90/E120/M80/M110, Fabrika
50233 Vario speed gear
50260 Main relais, 10-16A
50270 Undervoltage relais, 110V
50272 Undervoltage relais, 380V
50300 Main switch, 240V
50302 Main switch, 380V
50307 Main switch, 110V 10-16A
50324 E-stop lid for main switch
50326 Mechanical cover switch
50327 Rubber damper
50328 Positioning bolt
50340 Rubber wheel for screed roller (1pc) spare part
50343 Transport wheel, complete (1 pc)
50356 F80/F110/F120 outlet protection
50374 E90/E120/F80/F110/F120 trapdoor, complete
50422 M80/F80 mixer head (without shovels)
50447 M80/F80 metalshovel set, complete (4 pcs)
50509 F80 container
50523 Frame
50547 F80 cover
50564 F80 motor cover
50600 Bracket for cover switch
50603 Plate for cover switch
50640 Sack knife, complete
50651 E90/M80/M110/F80/F110/F120 drive shaft, complete
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