Vario Levelling

Vario levelling for repairs of paved areas.

Vario is ideal for most repair jobs on pavements and other types of paved areas.

Vario is also ideal for use in areas where the pavers differ in thickness.

  • Vario 30: Variable width 30–50 cm
  • Vario 50: Variable width 50–90 cm
  • Vario 60: Variable width 60–110 cm
  • Vario 90: Variable width 90–170 cm

Adjustment Options:

It is possible to adjust the height of the support legs from 0–10 cm so that the height exactly fits the paver / block you are laying.

You adjust the support legs to exactly the height you need to get a flawless connection to the area your repair is bordering up to.

In addition, you can vary the width, as the drag plate is folded double and can be extended.

Vario Levelling