SnapEdge Restraint

SnapEdge is the professional paver edge restraint that does it all.

  • An easy and economical solution for securing all types of edges where there is a risk of shifting
  • The same piece is used for straight lines and inside and outside curves
  • Connectors incorporated into the profile
  • A standard length of 244 cm makes for quick installation
  • No prior planning required for curves and corners
  • The open design allows for planting close to paths
  • Designed to provide strong paver edging for all types of pavers and borders
  • Full-length spike holes so the spikes can be hammered right through the edge restraint
  • No need to reinforce your edges
  • Ideal for making tree rings of any size
  • Perfect for sharp borders between lawns and beds
  • Keeps wood chips and granite chippings in place

SnapEdge consists of:

  • Packaging: 24 lengths of 2.44 m
  • Box of steel spikes with 192 pcs. – sold separately