The SmartMover is an electrical brick trolley, taking the strain out of heavy lifting and crooked twists and pulls when you are transporting e.g. mortar or bricks around the construction site. The electrical brick trolley is very easy to navigate even in narrow spaces.

SmartMover is battery-powered and copes well with slopes of up to 20% and can load 280 kg.


SmartMover takes care of you and your needs

SmartMover – the electrical brick trolley – is focusing on:

  • Work environment
  • Efficiency
  • Accessories and add-ons

Work environment and efficiency

With a SmartMover from Baron, the work environment has been considered – the electrical brick trolley is designed to protect the operators back from crooked twists and heavy lifting when transporting heavy materials around the construction site.

SmartMover is extremely efficient and has many different functions. The electrical brick trolley can handle most work tasks. Thanks to the various types of accessories and add-ons that have been developed, SmartMover is able to solve exactly the task you are facing.

Accessories and add-ons

Because of the wide range of add-ons, it is hard to find a task you cannot do once you have acquired a Smartmover. By using the accessories, the electrical brick trolley has several applications and can function as e.g. a wheelbarrow, a scaffolding cart and much more.

All accessories for SmartMover can easily be mounted and removed, making it easy to switch between the various ways of using the electrical brick trolley. No matter if you are a bricklayer, landscape gardener, or roofer, there is an add-on for you and your needs.


Your best friend on the construction site

Take a look at the SmartMover and a selection of the many add-ons.

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