Forced action mixers

Our forced action mixers are suitable for most of the mixing jobs for professional craftsmen. All the mixers er designed and all the components selected to provide you with the best efficiency, safety, and durability.

F80 forced action mixer 2.0kW 1x110V
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F120 forced action mixer 2.0kW 1x110V
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F200 forced action mixer 1.8kW 1x110V
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E120 forced action mixer 2.0kW 1x110V
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F300 forced action mixer 4.0kW 3x380V
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F-line or E120?

For the F-line series we have collected all our knowledge through the years with the production and use of forced action mixers.

Choose the F-line if you value a forced action mixer:

  • with a motor cover protecting against soil,
  • with an outlet designed for easy cleaning of the outlet protection,
  • which easily and effectively can be moved around - handles for loading of the mixer onto a truck bed,
  • which has a stable construction,
  • which has a phase indicator on all three-phased motors,
  • for which you can buy a dust lid,
  • of exclusive design.

The E120 is often used for campaigns. It has all basic features and is of course a reliable and durable forced action mixer.