You are sure to have an ergonomic correct working posture when using the EasyUp to remove paving stones. You stand upright while working, and, thereby, you avoid a hurtful back and knees.

With the EasyUp, a clutch seizes the paving stone from above and beneath. Once you have pressed the two handles together, it is easy to tip the stone up from the paved area. The rubber coating on the handles makes sure that you have a firm grip the entire time.

  • Makes it easy to pick up paving stones.
  • Ensures an ergonomic correct working posture.
  • Use the bolts on the upper part of the clutch to adjust the clutch to the thickness of the paving stone.
  • The rubber coating on the handles gives you a firm grip.
  • The frame is made out of aluminum and is therefore easy to work with for an entire day.

EasyUp - pick up paving stones easy and quick

With the EasyUp you are ensured an ergonomically correct working posture while you easily and quick are removing stones from a paved area.