CCU 6.0 m 1x110V conveyor master

A Baron conveyor can be used for all types of materials from demolition debris to soil and wet mortar. The closed side profile provides an extremely high load capacity while offering a maximum degree of safety.
  • Extremely high load capacity and durability.
  • High pulling power.
  • Hard-wearing PVC belt.
  • Easy belt adjustment.
  • Closed side profile.
  • Electrical parts securely housed.
  • Forklift brackets.
  • Fully-welded aluminium construction.
  • Low weight.
  • Quick and easy to maintain.
  • Tolerates heavy use and handling.
  • Strong undercarriage.


Name Value
Length 630 centimeter
Motor 0 kilowatt
Width 45 centimeter
Height 25 centimeter
Weight 103 kilogram
Current 1x110
Belt speed (cm/s) 20-80
Belt Width 34 centimeter
Belt Length 600 centimeter
Max. Pullpower 200 kilogram
Work independently 1
Serial connection Yes – will control up to 7 CU conveyors