CU6000 Conveyor

The hardwearing conveyors from Baron can be used for all types of materials from demolition debris to soil and wet mortar.

The closed side profile provides an extremely high load capacity while offering a maximum degree of safety.

Lots of product advantages:

  • Extremely high load capacity and durability
  • Tolerates heavy use and handling
  • Easy to clean
  • Electrical parts securely housed
  • Closed side profile
  • Superb quality and finish
  • Fully-welded aluminium construction
  • Extremely safe
  • High pulling power
  • Easy belt adjustment
  • Forklift brackets
  • Hard-wearing PVC belt
  • All electrical parts are rated IP54
  • Tolerates high-pressure cleaning
  • Long product life
  • Low weight
  • Able to transport all types of materials
  • Stackable
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Strong undercarriage
  • Quick and easy maintenance

Accessories for CU6000 Conveyor:

Technical Data CU6000
Drum motor:
Belt speed:
Max. pullpower:
Belt length:
Total length:
Belt width:
Total width:
0.55 kW
240 V
20-80 cm/s
200 kg
600 cm
630 cm
34 cm
45,5 cm
25 cm
103 kg

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