Conveyors + accessories

Forward, backwards, variable speed and series connection.

New, powerful motor and advanced steering extend the possible applications for the conveyors

Baron’s new range of conveyors contains many new facilities, which increases the possible applications.

The frequency converter makes it possible to use a powerful 3-phase motor, even though the power supply is 1-phase. Furthermore the frequency converter makes it possible to vary the speed from 20-80 cm/sec and runs both forwards and backwards.

The new conveyors can be connected in series with up to eight conveyors at the time and are available in the editions CU (ConveyorUnit) and CCU (ConveyorCotrolUnit). The CCU’ is required, if you want to make a series connection, as this is used for steering of the other conveyors.

The new functions open up to new applications. The target group for the conveyors is thus significantly larger.

A good example is in connection with excavation of basements, where the conveyors can be used for removal of materials and afterwards the direction can be changed and concrete can be transported into the basement.

The lastest development is the CU Basic, which has been designed for users who have no need for series connections but don’t want to miss out on the variable speed and the option for both forwards and backwards movement.

Conveyors from 2.5 to 6.0 metres

The conveyors in the CU-CCU series are available in different lengths. CU2500 of 2.5 metres, CU3300 of 3.3 metres, CU4500 of 4.5 metres and CU6000 of 6.0 metres, and CCU4500 of 4.5 metres and CCU6000 of 6.0 metres (length of belt).

Go to the different models for further information about specifications, technical data and detailed photos.

Baron Conveyors

CU2500 Conveyor

CU3300 Conveyor

CU4500 Conveyor

CU6000 Conveyor

CCU4500 Conveyor

CCU6000 Conveyor


Feeding Box

Feeding box for conveyors

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