The Baron products have been produced since 2006, and our starting point has always been that the professional user should be happy with the product.

We focus on quality, ease of use and, in particular, operating costs. We continually develop our products in close collaboration with our professional users.

Forced action mixers and accessories

Baron manufactures powerful and efficient forced action mixers for the demanding professional user. Large, quiet motors and high-quality gears ensure that your Baron forced action mixer just keeps on going.

Conveyors and accessories

The most robust conveyors on the market are without doubt the ones manufactured by Baron. The CU-CCU series was developed by our R&D department in collaboration with a number of our most demanding customers in the material hire and contracting industries. This ensures that our conveyors comply with the most stringent demands to durability, strength and ease of maintenance.


Baron produces the pioneering battery-powered SmartMover, which makes it easy to move stones, mortars, scaffolding, sand etc. around construction sites. Even in very narrow and hard to reach areas. With a Baron SmartMover you avoid heavy lifting, pulling and twisting.

Tools for hardscape gardeners and paving contractors

Baron’s tool series for hardscape gardeners and paving contractors includes the following products: levelling system, screed roller bar, Vario, block lifters, set squares, needle rollers and SnapEdge. We aim for effective quality solutions at the right prices.