If your SmartMover will not startup – troubleshooting and solutions

What is going on?

Your SmartMover will not startup, and it is an important part of your working day which you really do not want to do without. Then it is good that we will give you the 4 most frequent causes for your SmartMover being unable to start – and of course, how you can fix it.

You show up at the construction site, ready to get on with today’s work. But your SmartMover will not start up, and without it, you are facing a long day of heavy lifting and pushing around an unmanageable and old-fashioned brick trolley.

Unfortunately, it happens that machinery stops working unexpectedly. Sometimes, all you need is a simple manoeuvre to get them started up again; other times it is a bit trickier.

This is also the case with the SmartMover from Baron. We will in this blog post give you the 4 most frequent causes for why it will not start – and the solutions are included! So, if you ever experience one of the four problems mentioned below, we have the solution for you right here.

Remember to fully charge the battery

First and foremost is it important to point out that the battery must be charged before it is completely flat; when there is only one green indicator left on the battery, it must be charged. If the battery is used for so long that only the red indicator is on, there is the risk that you will not be able to charge the battery yourself. Then it must be sent in for service at us and depth charged. 

This means that you must charge your battery every day when you leave the construction site. Short, frequent charges will shorten the battery’s lifetime. 

If you ever experience that a battery does not last an entire working day because you manoeuvre on e.g., a loose surface or with a very heavy load, you can, with advantage, buy one or more extra batteries. That way you always have a fully charged battery at hand.


The battery does not click during start-up

  • Try to connect your SmartMover battery to the charger for three seconds and then restart.

The machine clicks during start-up but will not start (the electric brake is stuck)

  • Try to push-start the SmartMover by holding down the “throttle”, placing one leg on the footrest and pushing forward.

The machine moves slowly

  • The switch to adjust the speed is defective, and you need to order a spare part.

The battery does not charge / the charger lights up red for one second and then turns green again

  • The battery is either too hot or cold. The battery can only be charged between +3 and +40 degrees. As an alternative, the battery controller might be defective and needs repair.

Fast service

Now you have tried the four most typical reasons why your SmartMover battery will not startup. Does it still not work? Then please contact the hardware store, where the battery is purchased – or just the hardware store nearest you – and they will help you find a solution.

If your SmartMover needs to be sent in for repair, we, of course, render a fast service, so you will not have to do without the SmartMover longer than necessary. In some cases, we can lend you a battery, while we look at yours.

And does this troubleshooting sound familiar? Well, take a look at your SmartMover. We have placed a sticker with the troubleshooting in front; right where you need it the most.

Do you know of all the accessories available for the SmartMover? If you want to save some time in your working day, this is a good place to start.