3 things you should do on the construction site

INJURIES! Yes, work injuries.

Let's take the bull by the horns. Almost twenty (20!!) percent of work-related accidents in construction, between the years 2015-1019, have occurred to acute physical overload.

Loads that typically lead to accidents originate from:

  • Heavy lifts, pulls, pushes, and bearing,
  • Unsuitable working positions,
  • Repetitive work,
  • One-sided stressful work,
  • Sedentary work, whether in an office or on construction machinery.

We all know it, but in a busy life, with more things to do and places to be, we have a tendency to resort to what we are familiar with and usually do, and that we know will get the job done on time, right?

Now that we know the risk of injury is so high, can we do anything to minimise that risk? We have at least 3 suggestions right here.

1. We need to take better care of our new people on the site. Figures from the Danish Working Environment Authority show that around one in two accidents in the industry involves people with less than two years employment. Until they get the experience, it's important that they have someone to lean on and someone to teach them the dos and don'ts.

2. Limit unilateral and stressful work as much as possible. Also avoid unnecessary physical strain, postures, and movements.

3. Ensure that you and your colleagues are trained in how to do the job as gently as possible.

Once we have a handle on guidelines, legislation, work processes, training and, not least, support for those with 'only' a few years experience, it may be appropriate to investigate the market for relevant aids. At Baron A/S, one of the cardinal points in our product development is that our products are as ergonomic to use as possible. We actually have 3 criteria our products must meet:

  • Function
  • Safety
  • Ergonomics


There is a lot of great equipment out there to help alleviating the attrition of our workforce. Including products from us. We will spare you the sales pitch. But, we would like to encourage you to swing by our SmartMover, Laying dolly, and EasyUp which can save you many trips, heavy, repetitive lifting, and unnecessary torsion in the body.

Hard physical work or repetitive strain on the body can cause pain over time, which is one of the most common reasons why employees take sick leave or leave the labour market early.