Move around easily on the roof with the roofer module for the SmartMover

The hard work handling roofing felt, gas cylinders and isolation material is over. At Baron we have designer our new roofer module for SmartMover specially to make your working day easier and more ergonomic correct by avoiding physical disabilities so you can last longer in the business.

The battery-powered SmartMover quickly becomes your new best friend at the construction site. And if you mount the new roofer module you will never return to the manual brick trolley again.

SmartMover copes well with slopes of up to 20 % and loads up to 280 kilos. It is easy to navigate around construction sites even in narrow spaces. We have made it easy for you to hoist the SmartMover onto the roof by marking the centre of gravity and making room for a hook. The roofer module is hoisted onto the roof by a strap.

Move both roofer felt and isolation material

Mount the roofer module to the SmartMover. Now, you are ready to easily and effortless transport your material around on the roof. You avoid heavy lifting and inconvenient working postures and with the speed control you can decide how quick you want to get around.

The roofer module is designed specifically to handle the type of material that you as a roofer use often in your daily work. We have given it a thought that you must be able to transport both roofing felt and isolation material – and everything in between.

The grid sides on the module can easily be tipped towards the middle and along with the safety chain they help keeping upright material in place. You just tip the grid sides back in right position if you want to transport horizontal, wide material.

If you transport material on a quarter pallet it can easily be loaded of on our SmartPallet when you arrive at the place of work. The SmartPallet raises the material to the recommended working height, so you avoid awkward working positions. If you must go onto a platform with the roofer module, you can use our ramp that is designed specific for the SmartMover.

Why you must use the roofer module

  1. You only need one machine; the roofer module can transport different kinds of material.
  2. Mounting the module and adjusting the grid sides is easy and can be done without using any tools.
  3. The transport around on the roof is easy and quick – and you can control the speed.
  4. SmartMover and the roofer module make your work more ergonomic correct, so you can last longer in the business.
  5. There are several other add ons for the SmartMover. They either supplement the module or can help you with other working tasks.

What else can you use the SmartMover for?

The roofer module is not the only thing you can use the SmartMover for. The SmartMover can of course be used as the traditional brick trolley without any of our many accessories. The difference is that the SmartMover is battery-powered, so you do not have to use any strength pushing it.

It is also possible to mount a scaffolding tool that helps you to efficient move your scaffold without having to lift the heavy parts. And with the removable tray you can easily transport up to 180 litres around. You can install the support wheel with advantage – the wheel is designed to relieve you so you do not have to hold the SmartMover level by yourself while moving around.

As you can see, we have given everything a thought, so you do not want to do without neither the SmartMover not the roofer module once you have tried it.