Forced action mixersForced action mixers

Forced action mixers + accessories

Our forced action mixers are suitable for almost any demanding mixing job performed by professional users. All our machines are designed to provide optimum efficiency, safety and durability. All components have been carefully selected based on high quality, durability and the safety of our users.

M-Line or E-Line?

You can choose between two different product series, the M-Line and the E-Line.

However, you CANNOT choose between different qualities!

Both product series offer the same high quality with regard to:

  • Functionality
  • Durability
  • Efficiency
  • Gear/motor
  • Safety

In addition, the M-Line offers:

  • A more exclusive design
  • A bucket shelf (available as an accessory for the E-Line)
  • Complete motor protection

All Baron forced action mixers are manufactured in the EU.

Troubleshooting for single-phased electric motors

Troubleshooting for three-phased electric motors

The Easy Clean system