Buy or let? Pros and cons

It may be tempting to buy a new forced action mixer or conveyor and always have the latest and best equipment. But sometimes it pays to let instead. Luckily, there are plenty of options for rental as long as you know about the pros and cons.

You have just gotten a new client – and along with that a new job for which you will need an extra forced action mixer or conveyor. You could invest in the equipment yourself, but it might not be money well spent if you do not need it afterwards.

Then you always have the option to let. The rental market is big, so you have a host of opportunities to let everything from a Baron forced action mixer to our laying dolly. Often the rental period is unlimited possibly with a short period of the minimum rental.

But just like you need to consider the costs when buying a novel forced action mixer, you also need to consider whether it is right for you to let. If it fulfils your actual needs. Therefore, you must not only base your decision on the individual job but look further into the future. Maybe you need a longer conveyor for the next job as well? Or the laying dolly might be a helping hand during the workday?

So you must consider if it is the optimum solution for you to let. Here we give you the immediate pros and cons to letting instead of buying.


  • You can increase your productions equipment by the equipment you need for this specific job. Some jobs require new equipment that you might not use again, or you just need that extra forced action mixer. In that case, rental is the perfect solution.
  • You do not have to spend money on equipment that just collects dust most of the year. If you only need a conveyor twice a year then you are probably better of to let one. This way the conveyor will not wear out just by standing around.
  • You get to try out equipment that you might buy later on if you are pleased with it. Because you might become so fond of the rental equipment that you have to have it permanently. But you would most likely not have figured that out if you had not let the equipment in the first place.


  • You cannot be sure about what you get. We are most confident that our rental companies take good care of our products. But never the less it is something else when you know, how the forced action mixers have been treated and what is was used for two months ago.
  • An insurance typically does not cover fail to maintenance or vandalism. You must always take good care of your belongings, but rental makes bigger demands on how you and your employees handle the equipment.
  • If the job runs over, your rental price gets more expensive. Depending on how long the delay is it might be a budget heading to exceed its limits.

Do you wish to let a product from Baron? Then do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you with finding a rental company near you. But please be aware that not all of our products can be let.